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4 warning signs of a hidden injury after an accident

Another driver’s car struck yours from behind as you waited at the traffic light. The force of the impact was slight. At least that is what you initially thought. The slight jolt led you to move forward a bit while strapped in your seat belt.

No injuries seemed obvious, save for minor neck pain. Still, you exchanged information with the driver. It was not until hours later that the pain around your neck spread to your shoulders. This certainly represents a delayed injury symptom.

Headaches and numbness

Some drivers and their passengers appear seemingly unscathed after a crash, but that can be misleading. You may have an injury waiting to awaken, and it may just take hours or days to surface.

Here is a list of four warning signs of a hidden injury:

  • Headaches: A slight headache may gradually worsen, representing a potential sign of a head injury. Dizziness and fatigue may surface as well. It could be a concussion, traumatic brain injury and bleeding on the brain.
  • Backaches: However slight the collision, it may lead to a lifetime of back pain, which often starts in the lower part of the spine. Hours and days later, that pain climbs up the spine.
  • Bruising on the torso and abdominal discomfort: Such developments are potential signs of internal bleeding and organ damage, which could prove fatal. The jolt from the crash may have led to injuries to your heart, lungs, liver or spleen.
  • Shoulder, neck pain and numbness: These three symptoms often go together and are potential signs of whiplash as well as damaged neck joints, discs and ligaments. Tingling and numbness also are signs of nerve damage.

Listen to your body. Even what may seem to be the most minor injury may transform into a serious or fatal injury, leading to untold medical costs.

Look out for yourself and your health

Do not ignore any pain, discomfort and warning signs of a hidden injury after a road collision. If you do, you may find yourself at a crossroads in your life thanks to a negligent driver. It is important to always look out for yourself and your health. No motor vehicle crash is routine. They all are different, and they all have different consequences.