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A DUI conviction could put your professional license in jeopardy

A DUI conviction may shroud many aspects of your life, going beyond incarceration, fines, restitution, and loss of your driver’s license. Such a development will also impact your personal and professional reputations, and it could tarnish your standing in the community.

If jail time and shame were not enough, you – as a licensed professional – may find your career in jeopardy. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, optometrist, social worker, attorney, realtor, social worker or commercial truck driver, you could be facing a mountain of problems.

Disciplinary action

A DUI conviction can lead to disciplinary action such as the suspension, revocation, or outright loss of your professional license. In cases in which you have yet to obtain a license, a state licensing board may deny your application.

You obviously want to avoid such a harsh punishment. You likely have spent years investing in your education and career to get to this point. You don’t want your investment to crumble over a DUI conviction.

Remember, though, that state licensing boards may not be all that sympathetic, especially if this is not your first drunk driving conviction. By demonstrating that you are pursuing steps to improve your personal and professional situation after a DUI, you may find that a licensing board could consider placing you on a probationary period instead of revoking your license.

Getting back on track

Understand that the best route, of course, is to avoid a conviction altogether. Retaining a reliable and experienced criminal defense lawyer following an arrest is in your best interests. An attorney has thorough knowledge of the legal system and will work to achieve the best outcome, including getting the charges against you reduced or dismissed.