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Different types of distracted driving

Distracted driving takes many forms, and all types come with dangers. Anyone traveling down a New Jersey road without the proper concentration could crash their car. Don’t assume someone needs to be completely oblivious to become involved in a collision. Sometimes, even the slightest distraction could have a disastrous effect. Therefore, conscientious drivers should be aware of the most common ways motorists become distracted.

Perceptions and distractions

When the mind drifts, don’t expect a driver to keep the focus on the road. Daydreaming could undermine someone’s ability to pick up on obstructions and hazards. Similarly, listening to an audiobook could cause cognitive distractions that lead to accidents. Anything that takes the mind off the road presents potential risks, which is why mental distractions are dangerous.

Closely related to cognitive distractions are visual ones. Simply put, someone who rubbernecks or looks at an infotainment screen redirects their eyes from the road. Not looking out for other drivers or pedestrians won’t contribute to safer driving.

Keeping hands properly positioned on the wheel may reduce manual distractions. Those who wish to drink coffee while driving or occupy themselves with a phone in their hand open deadly doors to distractions.

Legal consequences for distracted driving

Bad driving habits are not easy to break, and some car owners will continue to engage in distracted driving until pulled over. Hopefully, a traffic citation will curtail their behavior before they cause any motor vehicle accidents. Then, some drivers cast aside caution and eventually find themselves involved in a collision.

Once a distracted driver causes an accident, the alleged distraction could support a negligence claim. A claim may seek substantial compensation when the accident results in serious harm or property damage. An insurance settlement may cover the loss.