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Evidence you’ll want to use in a truck accident claim

A typical passenger vehicle is a fraction of the size of a big rig. Therefore, if a large truck collides with your car, you may experience significant injuries and property damage. Fortunately, New Jersey law allows you to obtain compensation for any damages incurred because of a truck driver’s negligent actions. Other parties may also be named as defendants in a truck accident lawsuit.

Types of evidence typically used in accident cases

Photos or video footage taken at the crash scene may verify the extent of the damage to your vehicle or prove that the truck failed to brake prior to impact. It may also show that the other driver ran a stop sign or a red light in the seconds before the collision occurred. Witness statements, medical records and a toxicology report might also be used during settlement talks or during a truck accident trial.

The benefits of seeking treatment after a crash

Seeking medical treatment after a crash may be helpful for three reasons. First, assessing your condition in a timely manner may allow you to make a full recovery or as close to one as possible. Next, it allows you to obtain a doctor’s note, test results and other medical records. Finally, it may enable you to show that the defendant’s actions were the proximate cause of your injuries.

Learn more about the driver’s employment history

If you discover that the other driver has a history of causing accidents, that may work to your advantage as the legal process unfolds. The same may be true if the defendant has a history of traffic offenses that the defendant’s employer knew or should have known about. In such a scenario, it may be possible to include the employer in your lawsuit.