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Potential mistakes after being pulled over

The flashing blue lights and blaring siren from a squad car are the first indications that a fun night out on the town is coming to a sudden and unexpected end. Whether you enjoyed one drink or several, what you say and do could mean the difference between going home with a warning or traveling to a holding cell.

Confession is not good for the soul

Admissions of alcohol consumption does little to help. In fact, confessing can make a bad situation that much worse. Most, if not all, law enforcement officers will not be content with a warning. Instead, you may face a one-way route to jail that could lead to a court appearance and trial.

The fallibility of field sobriety testing

Standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs) are completely objective examinations judged by law enforcement. It doesn’t account for a suspect’s possible disability, which could lead to a false conclusion. Refusal can occur without being penalized.

Blood alcohol content “strategies”

Another type of test involves blood alcohol content (BAC). Refusal of this chemical test can lead to a multitude of penalties, from license suspension to incarceration. Some suspects believe that mints or mouthwash can conceal the smell of alcohol. However, alcohol from Scope or Listerine can actually boost blood alcohol concentration.

Potential penalties

An impaired driving arrest carries its share of consequences. Losing your driver’s license, whether temporarily or permanently, can be devastating. The inability to drive a vehicle can impact your ability to get to and from work. At the very least, you will find yourself reliant on friends, family, or ride-share drivers to chauffer you to your place of employment. Worst-case scenarios can result in job loss.

Criminal charges can cause lasting damage to your permanent record. You may need to know your legal rights if you’re looking to battle a DUI charge.