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Trenton Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Defense Since 1924

Being charged with an indictable offense can be frightening. What does it mean for your employment? How will it affect your relationships? Will you go to jail? As a law firm with a long tradition of client service and client satisfaction, we understand the emotions that are involved in criminal defense as well as the laws involved. We can help you through this.

At Edward S. Kahn Law Offices, LLC, our Trenton criminal defense attorneys will handle your case with:

  • Personal attention your individual needs — We appreciate the need for clear communication and work hard to make legal issues understandable. We offer a warm, trusting and safe atmosphere.
  • Personal attention to the details of your case — Our attorneys attend to the details of your case personally. We review evidence, investigate police treatment, negotiate with the prosecution and prepare for trial. We take pride in our trial work and believe that our client successes are a testament to that work.

We have successfully helped many individuals charged with indictable offenses.

Client of note: We have successfully represented many clients since 1924. One of them was Chief Thundercloud, known for his starring role in the 1939 film Geronimo.

Mercer County Drug and Sex Crime Attorney

We represent individuals charged with drug crimes, sex crimes and any other indictable offense. We can take your case through any appeals, if that becomes necessary. Please contact us for criminal defense in New Jersey for any of the following types of indictable offense:

  • Aggravated assault charges
  • Armed robbery
  • Arson
  • Auto theft
  • Burglary
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug possession or drug trafficking of marijuana, powder cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine (meth), heroin, OxyContin, Xanax, Adderall or other illegal or prescription drugs
  • Manslaughter or murder
  • Sexual assault or rape

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Our three lawyers are all fluent Spanish speakers. Please call 609-482-3162 locally or 800-219-1485 toll free or contact our law firm via e-mail to schedule an appointment.