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Trenton Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Your Advocate for Workplace Injuries Compensation

Injuries in the workplace happen frequently. Sometimes a repetitive motion or action will result in a back or wrist injury. Occasionally a worker will slip and fall while at the workplace. At other times, employer negligence will lead to serious personal injury.

At Edward S. Kahn Law Offices, LLC, our Trenton workers’ compensation attorneys are experienced trial lawyers and litigators. Our law firm has had a great deal of experience helping employees and workers with their workers’ compensation claims and appeals. At our law firm we help:

  • Prove that a worker paid in cash was an employee and not a general contractor
  • Obtain workers’ compensation awards for permanent disability from a work accident
  • Appeal workers’ compensation claim denials
  • Pursue third-party claims for accidents caused by subcontractors, vendors or others

Representative case: Our law firm was able to obtain lifetime disability and medical benefits for a worker in a construction accident where employment was denied and in the corresponding third party case we were able to obtain a $2.2 million award for a construction accident in which our client had broken his back.

Why Choose Edward S. Kahn Law Offices, LLC

Workers’ comp laws in New Jersey are complicated. If you have suffered a major injury, you owe it to yourself to obtain the maximum compensation. Contact our law firm to learn more.

There are dangers to either filing for workers’ compensation on your own, or using an inexperienced attorney. The drawbacks include:

  • Papers may not be timely filed according to schedule, resulting in a denial or delayed benefits.
  • Not all medical bills are paid, or necessary treatment may be denied.
  • Workers may obtain less money for a permanent award without an experienced attorney.
  • Workers may be denied disability payments without a lawyer or get asked to accept a small cash payment.

Our trial lawyers and workers’ compensation attorneys have a significant amount of experience in this area and would like to see you receive just compensation for your injury.

Mercer County Work Injury Attorney for Construction Site Injuries

There are many ways that a construction contractor may seek to deny you compensation for your workplace injuries. If a worker does not have proper immigration documentation, an employer may threaten to make a worker’s status know to immigration authorities.

It is important that you know that New Jersey workers’ compensation laws apply to everyone — with or without immigration documentation. New Jersey workers’ compensation laws and federal immigration laws are enforced by entirely different government entities.

Edward S. Kahn Law Offices, LLC, has experience working with safety experts and OSHA experts to prove liability in a construction site accident. Please contact our law firm for help with:

  • Back injuries
  • Fall from a ladder or other height injury
  • Injuries due to an uncovered hole or other hazard
  • Injuries due to faulty equipment
  • Objects falling and striking you
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Roofing accidents

Contact Our New Jersey Law Firm | Se Habla Español

We work on a contingency basis for workers’ compensation and personal injury litigation and provide a free initial consultation. Our three attorneys are all fluent Spanish speakers. Please call 609-482-3162 locally or 800-219-1485 toll free or contact our law firm via e-mail to schedule an appointment.